"I think at some point the name Saint came up because we thought he’d be a saint if he waited to arrive until his dad was home from tour, and he did. The name suits him. Meagan is a natural mom and it’s amazing to watch her with him. The addition to our family is very exciting and Bronx is already planning everyone’s Halloween costume" — Pete Wentz

@alxanders Ok. @DiannaAgron did not approve this being posted, so I blame you all for pressuring me if she gets mad. :)

theatre challenge: songs (1/8) → One Song Glory

Find, the one song
Before the virus takes hold
Glory - Like a sunset
One song…

You live on a slippery slope, kid, and for some reason you can’t stop doing rain dances.


school ain’t testing nothing but my patience


do you ever go through your own blog and just smile because even though as a blog it is objectively terrible it’s, like, the only space in the world that is 100% tailored to you and your interests